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Spray Paint Booth - AMT 6002

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AMT-6002 is assembled with high end and long lasting components.


  • Outside Dimensions: 7000mm long,5400mm wide,3400mm high
  • Main door: 3 pcs of 3000x2650mm
  • Service door: 650x1800mm. complete steel assembling base and support, 2 lines of metal grills, 3 lines of anti-slip metal plates  2 pieces of driving ramps
  • Burner: G20 Riello (Made in Italy)
  • Damper: Electric Belimo (Made in Switzerland)
  • Intake Fan: 7.5KW, Centrifugal motor
  • Air flow: 24000m3/hr
  • Lighting: Roof Philips LED lights 32pcs*36w, Sides Philips LED lights 20 pcs, Back Philips LED lights 4pcs.
  • Voltage: 380VAC,50HZ.50mm EPS board,0.376mm steel thickness
  • Control System: Schneider brand components, with painting, warm painting, baking, time setting. / Lighting, power switch, urgent stop. With CC-600G roof filter, inlet filter and floor filter.
  • Ducts: Standard with 3pcs straight and one elbow, 700x700x910
  • Chimney: 3M height, with 0.8mm zinc plated steel
  • Ramp: 1 Meter Ramp inside and 1 Meter outside