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HO-211 ATF Changer

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  • Dual pump for Used/New fluid
  • Two transparent glass indicators show the condition of the injection and suction fluids
  • In-lin filter guarnatees only clean fluids being injected to the transmission system
  • Used fluid could be directly released into disposal tank or container for recycling
  • Each fluid hoses colored differently in acordance with their usage so operator can easily set up the proper connection
  • Applicable to all kinds of vehicles



- Model: H0-211
- Electric Power Cable: VCTF3*0.75*2M
- Motor: 200W, 4P, 240V, 50Hz (Dual Pump)
- The capacity of pumps: 0-7.2l/min
- The capacity of tanks: 20L
- Converter Cleaning Style: External oil filter
- Dimensions: 380(W) x 960(H) x 472(D)
- Net Weight: 50kg
- Power Supply: AC 220/240V 50/60Hz