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  • Can test injector resistance (one by one), and display the data.
  • Can test the defect of leaking, blocking atomization, spray pattern, flow.
  • Solenoid valve drain the liquid to tank, have LED of back-light.
  • Cumulative testing and engine simulation testing.
  • Using pulse width modulation to control and adjust fuel pressure.
  • Have auto function manual function.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning can set the working time the max time is one hour. at the same time the injector is working
  • Can test and clean GDI, FSI, SIDI, MOI, SPFI, TBI, K-JET, LPG, Motorbike-injector including high or low resistance injector.
  • The display for LED.


Dimensions: 400mm x 450mm x 510mm
Weight: 25 KG
Power: 85-132vac/170-264vac 47-63Hz
Fuel tank capacity: 4.5L
Ultrasonic wave frequency: 40KHz
Ultrasonic wave power: 100W
Rotate speed: 0-9975r/min, step: 25r/min
Pulse width: 0-30ms, step: 0.1ms Count: 0-9975r, step: 25r time: 0-9975s, step:5s
System pressure: 0-6.2kg/cm (variable regulated)
System flow: 4l/min
Test cylinder: 8 (max)
Test tube capacity: 120cc