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AMT - A730P

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  • Italian professional intelligent software, clear interface, convenient operation.
  • Mobile trolley target, is not restricted by the space, can be placed conveniently.
  • Two display monitors are more practical and fashionable, customer’s view is not restricted, improve the working efficiency .
  • The beam has the up and down movement, can be adjusted and controlled by the motor, suitable for different shops’ height or vehicle lifting height, beam movement range is between 0.75m – 2.8m, make the work more convenient and fast.
  • Measurement accuracy reached international advanced level, approved by the customers.
  • Unique high definition 8x8 and 8x9 target boards, surface can be cleaned and anti-corrosion.
  • Specialized high accuracy cameras, capture the target swiftly, stable and reliable performance.
  • In the display interface with various light options, is not restricted by the sun light during the work.
  • High configuration brand PC, original window system, quality is guaranteed, complete and no virus to ensure the stable operation.
  • About 68000-75000 international vehiche datas, covering 99.99% models.